voodoo child

clearly needed to update the shit out of my ‘me’ page oh gawd
updating the me page bye
updating me page
adding to my ‘me’ page. 
me page update once again 
me page update again. 
i sometimes look like a child when i  smile hehe. 
updating that ‘me’ page. i fucking love cats.
me update.
Flowy shirts have always been my thing. *coughcough hides the fat* #shirt #style #fashion #casual #iphone #iphone4 #followback #looseshirt #flowy (Taken with Instagram)
love this shirt. so comfy.
dis is my high face and i aint even afraid to show it, show it, show it alone, again, obviously.hi my name’s mary and i would appreciate having stoner friends kay bye xx 
this, my friends, is how to make mary pretty fucking happy.seeing my love for the third time at the metropolis on november 11th.  
ugh i love it so much.